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A stubborn child

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As a child is growing, it exhibits various types of behaviour: crying, screaming, sometimes aggression. Parents often complain about the child’s stubbornness. This can be strong or weak. Between the age of two and a half and 4, your child realises its own “I”. At that time it stops talking about itself in the third person. Very frequently your child opposes your requests for the mere pleasure of saying no.

The worst mistake is to try to break your child’s stubbornness by force. Instead of making your child listen to you immediately, try to explain patiently and calmly why your order has to be followed. You can turn it into a joke or negation (e.g. 'I know you won’t wash your hands'). Forcing your child to do what you say causes annoyance and even stronger stubbornness like stamping feet, screaming, throwing oneself onto the floor, or hysterics.

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