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Baby in a car

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The fact that your baby is little doesn’t mean you have to give up driving a car. All you need is a child safety seat appropriate to your baby’s age, installed in your car according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t buy a safety seat that’s not safety-attested. Fix the safety seat with a seat belt in the front or back seat, always facing backwards.

If you’re going on a longer trip, plan the stops ahead. Something unexpected might happen on the way, like your baby vomiting or having a dirty diaper and you’ll need to stop in a not-very-convenient place. You need to be prepared for such situations, so make sure you pack all the necessary accessories in a handbag, so that you don’t have to look for them hastily in such cases. Remember to take a bottle with something to drink, because it’s difficult to soothe a screaming baby - so don’t make it more difficult, especially if you're travelling with your baby alone.

In order for your baby to enjoy the ride, take its favourite toys, preferably ones that make some sounds. In addition, prepare a CD with songs or stories. This way, the journey will go by quickly and even if the baby doesn’t sleep, it won’t get bored. Remember - don’t let the baby travel without seatbelts and always make your baby sit in a safety child seat. Holding your baby on your knees while driving is a risk to its life!

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