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Bye-bye diaper

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There is no one good answer to the question of the right moment to get rid of the diaper. Experts’ opinions differ, but it is believed that it should happen no sooner than the 18th month and no later than at the age of 2. It's an individual process; its duration is different in different babies. Iit is important to let the baby say goodbye to the diaper in a natural, physiological way.

When should potty training begin?
When your baby’s diaper is dry after a nap; when your baby starts to signal its needs, i.e., points to the diaper, squats, wriggles, acts restless; when it tries to take off the diaper; when it can sit in one spot for several minutes (only then will your baby be able to sit still on the potty). If you notice the above signals, slowly and gently start to accustom your baby to the potty. Remember that the less stress and impatience potty training involves, the more chances for success you have. Accustom your baby to the potty; explain its function e.g. by seating a peeing doll on it; suggest that your baby use the potty only if you see the need to do so; don’t show disappointment if your baby isn’t interested in the potty; be prepared for a long process of saying goodbye to the diaper; don’t expect quick results from your baby; don’t insist or show disappointment; if your baby succeeds in using the potty, praise it a lot, e.g. by clapping or giving it a small gift.

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