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Child language

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All parents listen to the developing speech of their children, which brings them joy and emotional gratification. The reason is a very characteristic child language. Every mum is able to give numerous examples of her child’s speech.

Language development is characterised by all kinds of simplifications and shortenings that make it easier for the child to communicate with its surroundings. These can be single syllables used as words (e.g. ca - cat), skipping more difficult sounds or whole syllables (e.g. nana - banana), sound changes, syllable switching, distortions and augmentatives.

All these examples are a natural element of your child’s language development and bring a lot of joy and amusement. However, you must remember one crucial thing. Very often, babysitters, aunts, and grandmas take over baby talk and talk to the child using diminutives and distorted forms.This is a significant hindrance in acquiring language competencies and it impedes normal speech development. It can also lead to bad habits, and consequently to speech distortions or disorders at an older age.

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