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Eating habits

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A baby over a year old does not gain as much weight as before, and its figure and body proportions start to change. Almost all of its attention is focused on the will to walk and discover the world around it. Its interest in food decreases, which is natural. Don’t worry if your baby has a reduced or changing appetite.

What should a little explorer eat?
Remember that at this stage proper eating habits start to develop - make sure the meals aren’t too hearty and the breaks between meals aren’t too long. Your baby should eat from 3 to 5 meals at regular intervals and the daily calorie intake shouldn’t exceed 1100-1300 kcal. Don’t force your baby to eat more than it can - your baby can have a violent reaction that will be imprinted for the future. Make sure the meals are varied and presented nicely. Introduce sweets as late as possible and when they appear, don’t serve them between meals, as they reduce the appetite for balanced meals.

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