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Feet - are they developing properly?

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Around the first year you start watching your baby’s feet more attentively - you expect to see the first steps soon. A lot of mums wonder if their babies’ feet are developing properly and how to facilitate such development. Don’t worry if your baby’s feet are flat. So-called physiological flat feet will disappear when the baby fully learns to walk. The fatty pads and curves on baby’s feet will then vanish.

If your baby wobbles or twists its feet while taking the first steps, don’t worry too much. The baby doesn’t feel stable while standing, and wobbling helps to maintain balance. However, don’t let it sit on its heels - this could affect the development of its legs. Your baby doesn’t have to take the first steps wearing shoes. Thick socks with non-slip soles are enough for your baby to feel the ground better and its leg muscles will develop more effectively.

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