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Holidays with a baby

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The fact that a couple has a baby doesn’t mean they have to give up holidays from time to time until their baby goes to school. Holidays just need different preparation (there’s no place for spontaneity or carelessness) and a lot more luggage. ;-)

If you go on holidays with your baby, follow these rules:

1. Pick a spot prepared for families with babies. Such guest houses or lodgings are usually equipped with cribs, baby bathtubs or even prams that you can easily rent free of charge while you get there. It’s no use taking half of your own home with you.

2. Make sure that there will be other parents with children in the lodgings you choose. It would be an unpleasant surprise to have neighbours who party till 3 am every night.

3. It’s good if you can cook or heat up dinner or milk in a kitchen open for general use. You can survive on takeaway fish and chips for a week, but it wouldn’t be good for your baby.

4. Take all accessories necessary for long walks or sunbathing on the beach - wet wipes, disposable diapers and changing mats. With such equipment in a bag it’s easier to keep your baby clean and dry at all times.

5.Take twice as many of your baby’s clothes. Even if they can walk, babies on holidays get dirty much more often and surely you won’t feel like washing dirty clothes every day. Make sure you take clothes suitable for all kinds of weather.

6. Take some basic medicines that can be useful in case of a cut, sudden fever or diarrhoea. Don’t forget about the baby’s medical record book - you never know when you may have to go to a doctor with your baby.

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