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Introducing new food

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Mothers who feed their babies naturally can choose to breastfeed exclusively for up to six months. But if you see that your baby demands something more or different or if you feed your baby with formula, you can start to introduce new flavours to its diet even at the end of the 4th month.

Begin with 2-3 teaspoons of a boiled and mashed apple. Later, gradually add more one-ingredient mashes: boiled potatoes, pumpkin, broccoli or a mashed banana. It is important to introduce ingredients one by one with a few days’ interval (during which you should watch your baby carefully for signs of allergic reactions - a rash or diarrhoea). Do not use salt or sugar - the young system doesn’t need them.

Babies can have different reactions to new tastes, but remember that eating habits develop until your baby is 2 years old. The more your baby tries in babyhood, the more developed its taste buds will be and there’s a chance that it will taste new food eagerly at an older age.

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