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Nail trimming

advice in category: toddler

In the first few months your baby’s nails are very soft, so trimming is not a problem. Use special scissors with rounded ends.

Fingernails should be shaped like the fingertip. Toenails should be trimmed in a straight line without rounded edges, so that they don’t grow in.

If your baby doesn’t like nail trimming, wait until it falls asleep and trim the nails slowly, without haste.

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The first milk-tooth evokes a lot of emotions in both the parents and the baby. The first milk-teeth usually grow in the 6th month, but sometimes they can appear as early as the 3rd or as late as the 8th month.

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Separation anxiety

In the 7th-8th month the baby’s attachment to mum becomes very obvious and is clearly expressed. At this time the baby can experience separation anxiety - it doesn’t let mum go away even a little and is afraidof strangers.

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The day your baby starts crawling, the whole world will change ;-) Obviously, you will have to keep an eye on it constantly. Remember that the baby doesn’t know what dangerous means.

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