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Your baby discovers the world

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The senses of sight and taste develop before the baby is born, in the 28th week of pregnancy. Immediately after birth, your baby can’t see well. Its sight fully develops before the baby is one year old.

Your baby’s sense of smell is well developed; therefore it knows when a stranger takes it in his arms instead of mum. Moreover, the baby discovers the world by touching, so it’s important to give it toys that will provide sensations. The baby will put them in its mouth, but it has nothing to do with the will to taste them - this serves cognitive purposes. Around the 6th month your baby is ready to recognise tastes of food. You should start feeding your baby something else besides just breast milk or formula.

You are surely looking forward to the moment when your baby eagerly eats the soup you make. But you must be patient. Gradually introduce new ingredients to the baby’s menu and don’t mix them in the beginning. It will enable your baby to recognise different tastes. You will also learn what it likes and dislikes.

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The first milk-tooth evokes a lot of emotions in both the parents and the baby. The first milk-teeth usually grow in the 6th month, but sometimes they can appear as early as the 3rd or as late as the 8th month.

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Separation anxiety

In the 7th-8th month the baby’s attachment to mum becomes very obvious and is clearly expressed. At this time the baby can experience separation anxiety - it doesn’t let mum go away even a little and is afraidof strangers.

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Unassisted eating

Teaching the baby to eat is a test of patience for the parents. On the one hand, you want your baby to eat without your help as soon as possible, but on the other, you don’t want the meals to last for hours and the kitchen to look like a mess in need of a thorough cleaning.

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