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Your baby’s speech development

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Your baby’s development consists of many elements. One of them is acquiring communication skills - that is, talking. As you watch your baby’s progress, you may wonder if everything is all right. Baby’s speech development can be divided into four basic stages. At each of them, your baby acquires specific sounds.

1. The melody stage - from birth to about 1 year. Baby’s communication with the world is initially based on screaming, crying, and involuntary noises. Around the 6th month your baby begins to babble based on intentional repetition of sounds and syllables. This results in the correct pronunciation of vowels A and E, sometimes I. The first consonants emerge: M, B, N, T, D, J. 2. The word stage - between year 1 and 2. The child starts to repeat its first words. It correctly pronounces P, B, M, T, D, N, J, K. It often changes more difficult sounds into simpler ones, e.g. G into D.

3. The sentence stage - between year 2 and 3. The child’s vocabulary is expanding, and grammar emerges. It correctly pronounces all vowels, consonants P, B, M, F, W, K, G, H, T, D, L, and J, and sometimes S, Z, C, SH, ZH, and CH. Children often pronounce J or L instead of R.

4. The peculiar child speech stage - from year 4 to 7. At this stage there’s an explosion of words uttered by children. Around year 5 your child will start asking you endless questions. SH, ZH, CH emerge. By year 5, R should emerge as well. If your child deviates from the general norm a little, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong! Half-year differences with the general norms are acceptable. If they persist, you should consult a speech therapist.

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